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Is There a UFO Base in Lake Ontario?

Out of this World

Aliens continue to fascinate us. Whether you believe in them or not, they always manage to capture the imagination. After hearing about the UFO base in Lake Ontario, we decided to create a new adventure drive that gives you the chance to become a ufologist and answer that question. A NEW FORMAT Similar to our […]

Why Add a Stunt Drive to your Bucket List?

Stunt Driving on your bucket List

Bucket listers everywhere are working on their goals to accomplish each summer. Many of those outdoor adventurers and adrenaline junkies are looking to add a  stunt drive to their bucket list with good reason. It’s not just that a stunt experience is an automatic adrenaline pump, (counting as one of the great extreme outdoor thrills), […]

Learn How to Drift Front Wheel Drive

A  learn how to drift program is becoming more popular each year as people look to maximize their car fun with a drift experience. Our Ontario drifting school provides solid drift training in our especially prepared Nissan Sentra. Here’s a quick overview on our drifting program and why people are purchasing drifting lessons at our […]

Yes Stunt Driving Makes a Great Bachelor Party

Why Stunt Drives Make a Great Bachelor Party

Bachelor party organizers are always on the hunt for the best bachelor party ideas for the perfect day. If you’re planning for an outdoor stag event, here’s six reasons to think about a stunt experience day. Stunt driving relives the wild times The central idea of a bucks party has always been to celebrate the […]

Four Important Car Stunts to Master for the Movies

Master the movies

What would an action movie be without car stunts? It’s the car stunts that keep us on the edge of our seats. If you’ve ever thought about learning some of the car stunts you’ve seen over the years, then here’s four of the most important stunts that you’ll need to master to become a great […]