Is There a UFO Base in Lake Ontario?

Out of this World

Aliens continue to fascinate us. Whether you believe in them or not, they always manage to capture the imagination. After hearing about the UFO base in Lake Ontario, we decided to create a new adventure drive that gives you the chance to become a ufologist and answer that question.


Alien InvasionSimilar to our Operation Black Maple Spy Mission, the game uses the Goosechase app as a basis for the adventure. However, our Aliens adventure is a sequential format where everyone takes the same route to the same destination. We have also improved some of the interaction elements so that the game has a better flow and maybe easier for some people to follow. The drive has a different focus. This drive is less about finding clues and more about creative contribution. Participants are encourage to submit their own ideas about what is happening around them.


The Aliens theme allows us to really explore some of the recent reports that have popped up in the news over the past few years. The initial idea for the Adventure Drive came from a number of articles that suggest aliens have a hidden UFO base in Lake Ontario. The first question that pops to mind is… Where in Lake Ontario is the base located? We then expanded on that idea by including other related alien themes such as unusual sightings, cattle abduction and evidence of alien habitation in the area.


Adventure Drives are also about discovering the hidden gems of the Ontario countryside. This adventure takes us on some beautiful back roads and winding lanes that will be new for most people. Participants get to see another side of Ontario and a renewed love for the natural beauty of the province.


We’ve created some new ufology tools for our participants which will enhance the experience of searching for aliens. The ET Trace Detector gives team members a way of revealing traces of aliens that may have recently passed through the area. The DECIPHERATOR scans cell towers for any unusual signals or frequencies and then translates those signals into readable text. It is invaluable for collecting alien evidence!


There’s a new collection of awards and prizes awaiting all those who successfully complete their mission. There’s a new certificate as well as coupons and surprises with every event.


The thing that hasn’t changed is the amount of fun team members have on this adventure! After completing our Spy Mission Adventure Drive, many people commented on how much they enjoyed the experience and how they’d love to do another one. We heard them and decided to go with a totally different theme while still keeping the fun aspect as high as possible.


Out of this World