Here’s Why We Created Adventure Drives

Adventure Drive

Adventure Drives is a totally new kind of experience built for 2020. Here’s why we created Adventure Drives:


People love driving their cars but that doesn’t mean they want to be a part of car culture. We knew that we wanted to provide a different kind of car experience that regular families would enjoy. Perhaps a group of friends just want to do something fun for a couple of hours on a Thursday evening. The emphasis of the event is on having fun and enjoying yourself and the actual vehicle is not that important. We’ve always had that focus at Stunt Drives, but the events have been about the individual driver and their skills. Adventure Drives is much more about participation as a group and all the team dynamics that comes with that adventure.


Don’t watch the movie, be the movie. The last few years has seen an explosion in the experience economy. Today people are looking for something they can do, rather than spending their money on objects. Adventure Drives taps into this new way of thinking by giving the general population something different to do that provides a lot of fun for their money.


This year we realized that people are also looking for new kinds of experiences. Adventure Drives combines popular culture such as a James Bond style spy mission with a country drive and an online gaming app. It a fusion of gaming, exploring the countryside in your car and a team sport. What has surprised us is the level of creativity that people are adding to the adventure. Whether it their photos, their comments on the mission on a new take on things, creative contribution has been a key to making this a fun time for everyone.


Of course one of the key reasons for creating an Adventure Drive is we need to come up with a car activity that is socially distanced. This event is by far and away one of the best ways that you can go together as a family or a group of friends without having to share your personal space with strangers.So the adventure drive really is a new kind of experience built designed for all the issues of living in the year 2020.


This year has also been a lot more difficult for family budgets. We knew we wanted an adventure that was affordable for the average person. When you think of the cost of a family of four to go to the movies, it can easily be more than $100 with popcorn and parking. So we’ve created a similar price for an Adventure Drive where you ARE the movie.


A few years ago, 4G signal were not as widespread and not everyone had a smartphone that could accurately determine your GPS location. Technology has now reached a point where we can run an adventure drive using a smartphone and an app. Society reached a point where where GPS is in every phone and ability to take photos 2 to manage an app is now so much part of everybody’s experience that you can now run something like an adventure drive which you could never do before.