A Staycation Idea: Stunt Driving Day


More and more people are opting for a Staycations instead of a long and expensive trip to a foreign country. A staycation idea for a Stunt Driving day is becoming more popular. Every now and again we need some time off and look for a break, but either budgets or time constraints mean the big overseas holiday has to be postponed. We’re also looking for a way to refresh our minds and boost our energy levels with a unique activity day. With a stunt driving day, you’re able to experience the new and exciting things typically found on a holiday break, close to home.

Forget the stressYou Deserve a Break

The modern day workplace with its constant communication has meant the work hours are longer and more intense. We’re all looking for an outlet where we can have a bucketload of fun and release both the adrenaline and the laughs. However, work commitments often prevent us from simply disappearing for one or two weeks at a time. A half day stunt driving experience is a great way to schedule in the break you deserve. You’ll start the next work week with a new energy, that will achieve your purpose of a great daycation.

A Staycation Saves Money

Vacations to exotic destinations can be expensive. Even if you go to an all inclusive resort, you soon discover the extra expenses. Many holidays end up costing double once all the food, taxis and extra airport charges are factored in. Our stunt drive experiences begin with a spin class at $269. You can have all the fun of that overseas day activity at a fraction of the cost at home. We even have group packages where you save even more money.

Support Local Business

Instead of giving their money to foreign corporations, many people see the benefits of supporting their own local economy. Our stunt driving experience is based in Milton Ontario. You’re supporting a local business and helping keep locals employed with you come out for a stunt driving day. If you live in the GTA, then you’re investing in your own economy.

Avoid the Packing Pain

Take a BreakThese days, a weeks vacation outside the country can quickly turn into a situation where you need a vacation from your vacation. Jetlag can cause health issues, long lines in airports, customs and immigration hassles and the planning can be annoying at best. No wonder so many are turning to an easy to plan, no packing staycation. We are a short drive to Milton Ontario, so you maximize your time having fun and avoid the long lines.

A Staycation Extends the Excitement

And when your holistay is close to home, you can share it with friends and family in a way you can’t do when out of the country. Extend the excitement by celebrating at a local restaurant afterwards. Or you might want to combine the day with the Kelso Conservation Area right next door. Either way, you can ‘rest’ assured, that a stunt driving experience is a great idea for your next staycation or as some are calling it…. a coronacation.