Why Add a Stunt Drive to your Bucket List?

Stunt Driving on your bucket List

Bucket listers everywhere are working on their goals to accomplish each summer. Many of those outdoor adventurers and adrenaline junkies are looking to add a  stunt drive to their bucket list with good reason. It’s not just that a stunt experience is an automatic adrenaline pump, (counting as one of the great extreme outdoor thrills), there’s a whole lot of other reasons as well. Here’s just a few of them:

Ride the RushRide the Rush

Thrill seekers are looking for the kind of experience that we call “ride the rush.” There’s that first moment when you plant your foot on the accelerator. You’ve gone through the maneuver in your head, you’ve heard all of the tips from the stunt instructor and now it is down to you. Hurtling backwards in the stunt car and attempting the Rockford turn gives you the thrills, chills and possible spills all at the same time. Those that love to spend their time on the edge love the excitement and action of completing a stunt. For straight kicks, stunt driving is up there as one of the best extreme outdoor experiences you can have.

Shared Adventure

The best adventures are the ones you share with others. Not only can you book our stunt driving experiences with your own group but you can also have family or friends ride along with you in the car. Now you close friends and family can share in the fun. It’s the kind of experience that creates great memories and brings your peeps together with stories that can be told for years to come. When everyone talks about “Fast and Furious” or “Baby Driver” it won’t be about the movie!

GoPro the Moment

GoPro the momentEveryone has their favourite way to saving memories and sharing it with others. Some of our stunters use YouTube, others share on Instagram or Facebook while others use TikTok, or Periscope. Some just take photos. Our GoPro cameras are mounted inside and outside the car to give you a complete range of photos and video for your ultimate bucket list experience. If you’re running a bucket list blog, then the ability to GoPro the moment adds enormous value to your day, giving you lots of material to work with.

Control the Energy

When stunt driving you learn valuable skills in car control. But more than that, it is the skill in controlling your adrenaline, steering not just the car but your own energy levels. When we say “ride the rush” we mean learning to harness your emotions, excitement and adrenaline and channel them into high level performance. A great stunt drive is knowing how to control your adrenaline so that you can control the energy of the car and it shifts around the course.

The skill of energy control and adrenaline management is something that can be applied to all the other activities on your life list, so to add a stunt drive to your bucket list is absolutely worthwhile. Learn to ride the rush in a stunt car and keep it going with everything you do.


Stunt Driving on your bucket List