Six Reasons to go on an Adventure Drive

Adventure Drive

This year, we realized that this summer will not be like any other. Many activities are still limited yet we want to get out and enjoy the season. Stunt Drives has created a new adventure drive series that allows you to come together as family or with friends and have a terrific experience in your car. Here’s why we think you should come out and try our adventure drives.

Dial up the funExperience Gift Fun

We have a reputation for creating exciting, lively events where participants throughly enjoy their day. Our adventure drives are the same. The event is full of laughs, jokes, thrilling challenges, serious calculations and great team play. And adventure drive is the perfect way to let the good times roll.

Social Distancing

We live in uncertain times and not everyone is comfortable sharing their personal space with strangers. Our adventure drive event, lets you stay in your own car with trusted friends and family. The event is designed to let you maintain a safe distance with other competitors. Get out of the house and have fun in your own car, knowing you have control over social distance situations.

Unique Format

In this unique adventure you become part of a spy story where the stakes are high and you must complete your missions to save the day. It has elements of of a scavenger hunt, rally drive, pokemon style exploration and a country ramble all wrapped up in one. We use the world class Goosechase app along with our own dedicated adventure website to give you an unforgettable experience. An exciting finale with cool prizes only adds to the excitement.Operation Black Maple

Discover Ontario

Experience your province like never before. Our drive is carefully planned so that you can see the best of Ontario. We plan it so that you see winding country roads, interesting villages, breathtaking vistas and the hidden gems of Halton County. You will discover some new places and see others in a new light. Ontario really is “Yours to Discover.”

Family and Friends

With limited group activities this summer, there’s a shortage of things you can do as a family. And video calls with friends can only go so far. An adventure drive is an all ages event where you can have a truly memorable day. It’s a great activity that you can do together. You’re really only limited by the number of seats in your vehicle. Two people can play or seven people. You pay by the team, not per person. Group sizes are flexible.

Celebrate an occasion

Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or bachelor party an adventure drive makes a great experience gift. Our events are also popular with Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or “Just Because.” It’s the kind of event that creates many long term memories and easy to share on social media.

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