Learn How to Drift Front Wheel Drive

A  learn how to drift program is becoming more popular each year as people look to maximize their car fun with a drift experience. Our Ontario drifting school provides solid drift training in our especially prepared Nissan Sentra. Here’s a quick overview on our drifting program and why people are purchasing drifting lessons at our drift course in Milton.

Nissan SentraThe drift car

Our race prepped Nissan Sentra is the ideal vehicle for learning how to drift. The manual transmission allows you to use the clutch pedal and gears. This situation gives you the extra control needed for counter steering and weight transfer of the car. We have outfitted the rear tires with EasyDrift rings so you can throw the car into a drift very easily. We have removed all automatic stability and steering aids so you are in full control of the car. And finally, the car is equipped with racing suspension to reduce body roll and improve the car’s drifting capabilities. because it is a front wheel drive car you learn how to drift using ‘Lift off oversteer’.

Lift off oversteer

One of the things that makes our program unique is the opportunity to drift in a front wheel drive car. Lift off oversteer (also called snap-oversteer, or lift-throttle oversteer) is the key principle of drifting in a FWD vehicle. This skill is essential for many kinds of racing styles, rally car driving and of course drifting races. Lift off oversteer is when you are cornering and take your foot off the throttle. Deceleration causes the weight of the car to transfer to the front wheels, while removing weight from the back wheels. The result is the the rear end of the vehicle will swing into the turn causing an oversteer. Used effectively, this technique is the basis of drifting in a front wheel drive car. Our program will give you a solid foundation in learning this approach with front wheel drive cars.


Drift ProgramLearn How to Drift Program

Our learn how to drift program begins with an orientation session where we go through the theory behind counter steering, weight transfer and how to feather the throttle for control. We then begin with some slow basic maneuvres to establish a feel for the car. Drifting takes practice and patience, so we make sure you have time to get comfortable with the car. We then move on to the figure eight course where you will learn to continually drift in a figure eight pattern and finally a drifting slalom.

Although you will not be an instant expert, drifting practice is important to build on your skills. Our program gives you a basics that you can build on to enter the drifting world.


Our drifting experience is located at Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario, a short drive from Toronto. It’s a safe course away from all traffic, where you practice your drifting. We have a large paved area that gives you more than enough room to learn drifting. All the facilities you will need are located at the park as well as hang out with friends watching others complete the course.

Quick Tips

Start slowly

Begin with first-gear donuts

Avoid fighting the wheel

Stay on the power and fully commit

Practical Experience

Although you can read up on everything, watch all the videos and understand the theory perfectly. But nothing beats practical experience, so come out and learn how to drift.  Our 2020 dates are now up on our calendar.