Ride the Rush With Our Two Wheel Ski Car Stunt

Ride The RushThis year, Stunt Drives is introducing the ski car stunt. Sidewall skiing is where the driver gets the car up on two wheels and keeps driving. Sometimes the car is tilted to the passenger side and sometimes to the driver’s side, but the idea is to balance the car by steering and throttle. The maneuver makes a spectacular stunt and we’re pleased to be able to bring this extreme stunt opportunity to Toronto.

This impressive stunt has been featured many times in the movies and TV. The Knight Rider in the 1980’s had “Ski Mode” built into the KITT system of his car and it was regularly used. In Transporter 3, Jason Statham drives his Audi up on two wheels and manages to squeeze between two transport trucks. And of course M.I.A used a ski car and other stunts extensively in her popular “Bad Girls” video.


To add a little more authenticity to the day, our ski car is a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor complete with sirens and lights. We’ve prepped the car specifically for sidewall skiing. We’ve modified it with a good roll cage and four point harnesses for a high level of safety. And the key element is our custom rollover guidance system which will ensure the car will not rollover. As usual, our ski car has GoPro cameras to make sure you can not only record your extreme stunt experience, but also share it with friends and family.


The ski car stunt is an extreme stunt and not easy to perform. Similarly to drifting, you do need some prerequisite driving skills. All participants need to have completed our Stunt 101 or Stunt 201 program which will help prepare drivers for the demands of the ski car stunt. With either of these two programs under your belt, you will have the confidence, depth of skill and understanding of car balance to aid in the execution of sidewall skiing.


InstructionOur program begins with a briefing on the stunt and the theory behind car balance, steering by throttle and wheel and other important principles of car handling. After our introduction, you will be placed in the car with an instructor and then winched up on two wheels without the engine running. This step will give you a sense of what is will feel like, where you will be seated, what you can see. You will get a feel for gravity and perspective from the drivers’ position.

We then start the engine and you will be able to drive the car on two wheels from a stationary position (without the ramp). This stage gives you a feel for steering and balance at a slow speed. Our special guidance system will allow you to drive in this manner.

In the last stage of the program, you will learn to hit the ramp and put the car up on two wheels and then steer it along the course. The “Cop Chase Squeeze” is often employed when the cops are speeding down an alley way in pursuit of the criminals and encounter an obstacle that requires them to squeeze up onto two wheels.


We have a number of days scheduled for our ski car program. As always, if you have a group or special considerations, then please call us as we can sometimes open up another day for you. Our stunt driving course is centrally located at Country Heritage Park in Milton Ontario.

If you’re looking to enhance your driving skills with an extreme experience or need some practice as a bonafide stunt person, then come out and give sidewall skiing a go.