Yes Stunt Driving Makes a Great Bachelor Party

Why Stunt Drives Make a Great Bachelor Party

Bachelor party organizers are always on the hunt for the best bachelor party ideas for the perfect day. If you’re planning for an outdoor stag event, here’s six reasons to think about a stunt experience day.

Bachelor PartiesStunt driving relives the wild times

The central idea of a bucks party has always been to celebrate the last days of freedom with your close friends before the responsibilities of marriage. A stunt drive experience embodies that daredevil spirit as you fling a stunt car around the course. It’s a chance to capture that feeling of adventure you always get when heading out for the day with your best buds. A stunt experience sums up that attitude and approach of a free spirit looking to bring the wild times on once again.

It’s different and that makes it memorable

A “stag do” needs to be remembered and become the stuff of legends. It’s the final event before married life and it needs to something that will be talked about for the rest of your life. Just saying “We went stunt driving” is enough to to turn heads. It’s a different kind of event that makes a bachelor stand out as someone doing something cool instead of the usual stag parties that show a lack of imagination. The getaway slalom, Rockford and J Turn and other stunts enhance the difference as the group leaves with new skills they never had before!

Stunt driving is instantly shareable

Instead of watching the movie, you are the movie. One of the great things about a stunt driving program is that everything you do is easily shareable on your favourite social media platform. Stunt Drives can also fire up the GoPro cameras in each car provide video footage of every stunt. From handbrake turns to team competition, there’s enough action to make sure you will have lots of opportunities for great photos and video so that the stag party photos will be outstanding and unforgettable.

Bachelor parties can be inclusive

The stag and doe event is also becoming more popular. Some bachelor and bachelorette parties are very inclusive, with the bachelor looking to include the girlfriend’s family and friends. A stunt driving experience gives the group a way to include everyone in a fun activity that builds camaraderie and long lasting friendship. Women are often better stunt drivers than men which adds another dimension to the family and friends dynamic! The very nature of stunt driving with its ups and downs also builds friendly competition and with it lots of good natured jokes. Best stag party ever.

It’s a half day event, close and convenient

A stunt experience usually lasts four hours which gives a bachelor party plenty of time for other activities. Some groups celebrate their stunt driving success afterwards with traditional drinks and other shenanigans. It’s a convenient length of time that allows for a memorable experience while being flexible enough to add events to the calendar if required. Stunt Drives is located in Milton, Ontario which means a short drive for most people living in the GTA. So when bachelor party planning, stunt driving ticks all the boxes.

BMW 328

There’s time to catch up.

In a typical stunt drive experience, the participants wait their turn while watching their friends go through their stunt routine. This setup means the bachelor can spend quality time with each of his friends and chat about the good times of the past and the current good times they are making as they go stunt driving. Whether it’s just catch up time or friendly joking, the stunt experience is a nice mix of an adrenaline rush in the car with enough downtime to hang out and enjoy the company of best friends.

And that’s why Toronto Life has us on their list of great party ideas for grown up grooms!