Stunt Mistakes People Make On Their First Day

Four mistakes

Stunt driving is a great way to improve your driving skills. Over the years we’ve found that there are a number of common stunt mistakes when people first start stunt driving. Here’s the top four mistakes people make on their first day in the Stunt Driving 101 program.

1. Relying too much on the footbrake

Handbrake before footbrakeStunt driving uses a specially modified handbrake in many stunts. This handbrake allows the driver to do the moves you’ll see in the movies. However, many people instinctively hit the footbrake during the stunt. It’s important to concentrate on how the weight of the car is changing and think “handbrake” instead of “footbrake” to successfully perform your stunt. You have to let go of old habits and relearn a new way of controlling the car.

2. Not looking where you are going

We drive towards the point where we look. If you are looking at an orange cone, then that is what you will hit. Good drivers look to the point where they want to go, rather than looking at other points on the road. Keep focussed on your destination and you will complete a precise stunt that will have everyone cheering.

3. Over correcting the problem

OvercorrectingA great car stunt involves taking a car to the limits of its grip. Weight changes are extreme. Many beginner stunt drivers forget that the weight of the car in an extreme turn will carry it through the maneuver. Drivers often oversteer the wheel, not realizing that they need to pitch the car with the wheel and then let the car itself help with the turn.
Controlling oversteer is the #1 skills needed when first learning a stunt. Let physics take over.

4. Panicking during the maneuver

When stunt driving we find ourselves at the limits of control. It is important to remain calm even when we find ourselves at the edge of our abilities. If you can control your panic, you’re on the path to successfully completing your stunts.