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Our ‘unofficial’ Stunt Driving School Ontario

We’re not officially a stunt driving school as we put the emphasis on FUN for all our stunt driving courses. However, you will be taken through all the skills required to perform great car stunts like you see in Fast and Furious or any Hollywood action movie. And you’ll get sufficient stunt driver training time behind the wheel to practice those stunts. You do the stunt driving maneuvers! And to finish off the day, you’ll receive our Wings and Slicks Stunt Car Driving Experience Certificate.

Our Stunt Driving Course and Drift School

Our stunt driving experience is located at Country Heritage Park in Milton, Ontario, a short drive from Toronto. We have a large paved area that gives you more than enough room to learn stunt driving. All the facilities you will need are located at the park in order to either stunt drive or learn to drift, as well as hang out with friends watching others complete the course.

Our Stunt Driving Cars

Our cars are BMW 328 IS Coupes with a modified hydraulic handbrake. They are all automatic transmissions. We believe they are the best cars for stunt driving.

Our Stunt Driving Instructors

Stunt Driving InstructorsWe have both male and female stunt driving instructors. The instructors are very patient and knowledgeable and have lots of experience in making sure you have fun and enjoying what it takes to complete a precision driving course.

Our Stunt Driving Class

We have a specially prepared undercover area for our ‘chalk and talk’ sessions. Before heading out on the course, all our participants undergo an introductory 20 minute review of stunt driving principles and what they can expect behind the wheel. It’s all about how you will execute your stunts. We finish up with a safety briefing.

Our Stunt Driving Lessons

Our Instructors will demonstrate with you one on one in car. You are in the passenger seat at first, then you get in the driver’s seat. Our instructor stays with you as you take several runs at executing each stunt. Depending on the package you purchased, you will do a variety of stunts including slalom course runs, Jturns, the Reverse 180 and more.

Stunt Driving Lessons

We may also include a competition run. Here we set up an obstacle course that requires all three skills to be executed in sequence. These runs are timed and judged by your peers. The lesson concludes with a Trophy and Certificate Presentation.

We hoped we’ve answered all the questions you might have when you thought “Is there a stunt driving school near me”? We provide one of the best toronto experiences and one of the only stunt driving schools of Canada.

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