Hans Wolter – President

About Hans Wolter and the Stunt Drive Experience.

Hans has always been an adrenaline junkie and throughout his life he has been working on his ‘bucket list adventures.’ From sailboat racing on Lake Ontario, kitesurfing in Aruba through to flying lessons out of Buttonville Airport, he has tried everything except skydiving.

Around twenty-five years ago, he started participating in Track Days with the PCA UCR (Porsche Club of America Upper Canada Region) Then later acquired his regional race license at the Bridgestone Racing School and has been racing ever since at tracks in Canada and the US. CTMP, Shannonville, Calabogie, Watkins Glen NY just to name a few. Participating in stock car racing, endurance racing and working on going to the Targa Newfoundland. These early days of racing led to an overall love of all motorsports and he began looking for a way to turn this passion into a new extreme sport experience.

He began with a “Formula Car Experience,’ calling his company “Wings and Slicks.” Participants had the opportunity to drive a formula car and experience the adrenaline rush that comes with extreme acceleration and unbelievable performance. Maintenance costs however were high and the number of venues in Ontario were limited.

He toyed with the idea of supercar adventures, exotic car drives or off road driving but felt that those experiences were already in place throughout Toronto. Although avid motorcycle rider, he also felt that the motorcycle stunt experience would have a limited number of people participating.

Around 2011, he discovered stunt car driving. Here was an adventure experience where people had an enormous amount of fun for a reasonable price. He began with a number of different venues but eventually settled on Country Heritage Park in Milton, as it provided excellent facilities with the perfect pavement for stunt drives.

Nearly ten years later over 3500 people have been through the stunt driving school. Each year has also seen many corporate events with team building activities as well as charity events and non profit organizations. Bachelor parties, anniversaries and birthdays continue to be popular events as well.

In 2019, Hans created Stunt Drives to extend the stunt driving experience to new venues so more people can have one of the best adventure experiences of North America.